Mixed Bag of Emotions

Rage is encouraged by the disappointment.

Frustration is amplified by the fear.

Compassion seeks to come forward.

But empathy is caught by sympathy and strangled.

All I want is to understand the situation.

Instead I find myself wishing to just turn off.

These emotions hurt and I am tired.

So, so tired.

Once was Enough

Some people learn quickly.

Show them once and they head onward.

Most other people take more time.

Though some experiences are left as only a single time.

Like eating something and finding it not to your liking.

Or doing an activity that leaves you terrified.

Unfortunately some things get repeated

even if you already learned the lessons given.

But the one thing we all get to do once

and not look back upon

is death.


Is it a good option?

What does it take to implement it?

Can it be afforded right now?

How impactful is this?

Answers to these questions

Are nothing if you are not willing

To take the actions moving forward.

Life can be a very viable option

But only if the quality of the life lived is valued.

The question is who determines what is valuable versus viable?




Problem alert.

Functions are not normal.

Standard procedures are not working.

Please unplug and restart.

Except if I unplug myself

I do not think anyone would be able to restart me.

So the aches and pains will stay

As my performance is below par.