Board Game Geek

The love of the game

is the ultimate thrill.

Whoever wins or loses

doesn’t matter.

It is the fun and the companionship

that you receive that makes them so special.

So, discovering new ones

is the ultimate fun.

Either unboxing them

or playing them.

Because sometimes you might just

discover a new favorite along the way.

Food Security

When you ask a friend

to pick up a jug of milk,

how galling it feels

to be lowered

to such a humiliating level.

Yet, if that is the only source of food

you have for your children

you do whatever it takes to keep them alive.

And pray that next week

the food bank has more vegetables

instead of merely rice and pasta.

The Eat Healthy diets

only work if you can afford them.


Two letters.


Does not mean yes.

Does not mean maybe.

Does not mean talk over me.

Does not mean anything but no!

So if you don’t listen to these two letters

it simply means you won’t listen to anything else I say.

But there is someone I know who will.


Anxiety has many faces.

Some get panic attacks.

Others always have to be early

or exactly on time.

For many perfection is everything.

While others it is the appearance that counts.

Me, I get anxious when certain household items are about to run out.

Then I stock up on everything possible!

Two Stars and a Wish

Gold stars are hard to find some days.

Two of them even harder.

I am more aware of the communication problem

I have with my child.

They are maturing and I can see the signs.

Small wins are still gold stars.

My wish is that someday

they will move out of my house

and I can stop worrying about their decision making process.

I know as a mother

I will never stop worrying

about my children.

Yet, this one worries me the most.