Back up plans are good to have.

Things sometimes go wrong.

Like you have a second get away car.

Or extra batteries for your night time activities.

But children are never dispensable

and it is a mindset

I truly do not like.

So I will continue to love

and teach my children

all the necessary skills they may need.


Listening as he expands his story.

Pointing out small details

Or asking him a question to clarify.

It feels so good

Having a conversation.

One where we both are listening

And listened to.

Such a rare interaction these days.

In my opinion

I have nothing to say to you.

You have made up your mind

and nothing I say will change it.

In order for us to have an actual conversation

we both need to try and see the other point of view.

But if one of us decides to argue

just for the sake of arguing,

then I am walking away.

In my opinion I don’t have time for such inanities.

Line of Defense

Never tell an enemy

what protections you have in place.

They will figure them out


but until they do

you have a little more time

being safe.

Enemies know how to pierce through

the toughest security measures

no matter how many walls you build.

The worst ones

are those who know how to get through

your emotional ones.

The abuse they wreak

will leave you traumatized

for years.

Coffee Stains

There is a recipe

on how to remove them.


or Scrubbing,

or maybe the lemon juice

and baking soda trick.


I like the coffee stains.

It makes me happy using this one mug.

It shows I like the sentiment around this cup of coffee.

Plus, it means

when the depression hits

I have one less thing

I need to try and force myself to do.


A camp fire has nostalgia.

Roasted marshmallows or hot dogs.

More adventurous

perhaps burgers

or even a steak.

The smell of smoke

from wildfires raging

is not the nostalgia

I would wish to remember.

The burning in my lungs

makes my eyes water.