Fashion Choices

Cape versus cloak.

Bell bottoms as opposed to skinny jeans.

Plaid or pastel?

Which is better

Is determined by opinion.

This opinion is made popular

By certain magazines.

I somehow doubt

They’ll ever make loincloths

A popular piece of clothing.

Feeling Useless

When circumstances

Obligate you to a chore

You would not wish upon anyone else

Sometimes all you end up doing

Is watching that someone

Try to get better

And finding yourself

Not able to do anything for them.

So instead you turn your attention

To other chores

Which need to be done

But are not as useful.


Strange how

Until it happens

To you

It is fine.

Like car accidents

Or getting cancer.

Putting yourself

In that situation

Never gives you the full picture

Because in the back of your mind

There is the whisper

“It’s not me this happening to!”

Plague thoughts

Things aren’t always what they seem.

A sniffle here.

A cough there.

Headaches and then nausea.

Body begins to hurt

As the throat scratches out it’s voice.

Sickness has arrived

But who is it?

A simple fever?

Or the deadliest new strain?