Boiled or Fried?

Foods you can do both too.






Sometimes just because you can

does not you should.

Frying up spinach is not a good idea.

Baking maybe.

And boiling an eggplant…. yuck.

I guess I should look at other recipes.

Sad Castle

When the sadness needs to be talked about

yet no one is listening.

How do you tell people

when they don’t care about your feelings?

Sometimes I cry and today is full of sadness

yet the sun shines and the clouds float by.

My sad castle in the sky

is mere whisps of me clinging to something I thought was real.

Someday, I will be real too.

Someday, someone will listen when I am sad.

It’s a Boundary Thing

It is not that the love is not there.

It is lack of respect and timing.

I need to be able to handle the unexpected

but when the unexpected could be avoided

It would be much more appreciated.

Next time let me know in advance

before surprising with a phone call

and invitation.