Designer Puppies

It is a commodity.

Bought and sold.
No care for the parents.

Only dollar signs are seen.

In this disposable society

it is a shame

everyone’s life is worth so little.

Reputable breeders are hard to find.

Do your homework

or you will find it comes back to bite you.


So often we assume

quiet and shy as someone

who is nice and friendly.

Not looking past the surface

means missing important details.

How malignant can the emotional growth become

before it ruptures

and people say “oh, but they seemed okay?!”

Chirps of Spring

Those welcome sounds

that herald the final thaw of winter.

The emergence of the birds

and the mating calls enacted.

Best of all

the chirping of the cats

as they watch through the window

hoping some day soon

to be let out

so they can go murder the feathered chirpers.

Getting Help

If you need anything

Just let me know, OK?

Is there some way I can help you?

Don’t be afraid to call if something comes up!!

I have learned the hard way

that asking for help

is not a sin.

I should not feel guilty

because I have problems.

Yet, so many people

don’t understand,

asking for help

is not a simple thing to do.

Cultural and social norms

put pressure on everyone

to be able to go it alone!

If you can’t do this one thing

then how do you expect to follow through?

Even my mother told me

“If no one else is doing it, then just do it yourself! I did it!”

Except I am not her.

I have problems because of her advice

and now even though I understand why

it still hurts to realize

she will never understand why

I can not just do it!

Whether it is a simple chore

or finding a job

or looking after my kids.

Years of coping strategies

that were more detrimental than helpful

have taken their toll.

Only now,

do I know how to use my voice

and ask for the help

I sometimes need!

Failing Grade

Standards are kept up.

Laws are put in place.

Someone decides what the rule is.

Those who can not keep up

are laughed at and disposed.

Things get ugly for them.

Yet, the laws only punish them.

Help is unthinkable.

So who really failed the grade?