An apple has three layers.

The skin, the flesh and the seed.

Christian faith likens this to God.

Where the skin encompasses the whole.

The flesh is the main part representing the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is the seed where faith sprouts from.

I do not know if I believe in the Christian God anymore

for I find myself being pushed away

by the extreme fanatics who claim

every one is the devil’s pawn

if they don’t conform to their social group’s lifestyle.

If so much hate is in this world

I do not wonder why Jesus weeps.

For loving one another means accepting everyone

for who they truly are.

I still have problems with this concept

but I know that just because they believe something different

does not mean they should be demonized.

Safe Disposal

Tape up the sharp edges.

Gather the glass in a container.

Give the old prescriptions back to the pharmacy.

Electronics go to recycling.

Poop picked up and thrown away properly.

Only in the wilderness should things be left to go wild.

Our planet depends on us respecting it.