The criteria used

Is based on the wrong gender.

You have known for years

That something was different about you.

Your thoughts, your actions

Your decisions were based on trying to fit in.

Be normal.

Be a good citizen

And society will accept you.

But the truth is

You will never be accepted

Because you are not normal.

You know the diagnosis you should have.

Yet the physician, therapist or psychiatrist

All base your symptoms

On research that never took in to consideration

That you are female.

Not male.

We are equal

But that does not mean

We are the same.

A baseball player

Does not have the skill set to play football.


Some of meaningful.

Others hurtful and crass.

All are useless unless said.

What is said means nothing

without the voice behind it.

No one lives forever

but sometimes their voice can still be heard.


The sun is shining.

The birds are singing.

The insects buzz happily.

I cover my head with the blanket

In a futile attempt to block out light.

After overheating I find myself

At a disadvantage

And end up placing a chair under the doorknob.