Plague thoughts

Things aren’t always what they seem.

A sniffle here.

A cough there.

Headaches and then nausea.

Body begins to hurt

As the throat scratches out it’s voice.

Sickness has arrived

But who is it?

A simple fever?

Or the deadliest new strain?

Heart of Wonder

Alice had it right.

Run after the rabbit.

Fall down the hole.

Everything is changing.

We change too.

Too big or too small

We learn to change through it all.

As scary as it is

Change will always happen.

Can you see the opportunity in the wonder if it all?

Nicer Days Ahead

The weather is warming up.

People are seen more outside.

Friends greeting each other.

Neighbours waving Hello.

Animals prowling their territory.

The birds protesting.

The dogs insisting on their walks.

City life becomes more alive.

The greys of winter turn slowly green.

The brain processes happiness once again.

Blending in

Be one of the crowd.

Do the honor of inconspicuous.

Who are you but another face.




Is your life damned by others?

Those unblinking eyes do not see you?

You are not worthy of their attention

and so you remain anonymous

and merely one more number.

Piece of Mind

When the great fall

due to enemies from within.

I never understood

Why it was so selfish to think of yourself

When all you ever did

Was everything for everyone else.

Telling the world

You have problems

Doesn’t make you weak.

It makes you stronger

For those around you

See you as you truly are.


It is sad

To see someone lose to the struggle

Fought so bitterly inside.

I only wish

People also see

What that does for them

When the Great Fall

So that they can rise.


Sometimes things can start over.

Games, stories, movies.

Lives are on hold

Starting over only begins if the past is left behind.

Renovate the decorations

As your new life begins.

Name Blame

I have hurt my children more

with words

than any other way.

Even my silence

was cruelty

when I should have told them

I loved them.

My honesty now

only makes me realize

how wrong I was.

So blame me

when my kids don’t understand.