Personal Truths

Someone else’s trauma

does not invalidate your own.

Being happy to lose

only makes you happier for them to have won.

Being healthy

does not mean you are able to do what everyone else can.

Knowing limitations

means that you also know when to exceed them.

You will never be happy all the time

so be joyful when you can.

Universal idioms

does not make you a universal idiot.

Just a knowledgeable one.


Wordless mouth noises.

Interesting rhythms.

Jazzy vocals.

Kool Kat.

You would think someone like me

who makes noises all the time would be good at it?

Apparently I am not a musically rhythmic gymnast.


Beside hunting tools

the oldest indication of civilization

is its ability

to store things.

Precious things like

water, oils, perfumes

and the like.

The most important one

will always be


Strawberry, Pear or Mango

does not matter to me

so much as it does to my toast!

Brain Fog

Wake up and rise for the day.

Yet the motions are slow and full of confusion.

Coffee is the usual pick me up.

Not working today.

Scroll through the news feeds.

Nothing to perk me up.

Maybe it should be back to bed?

Too bad I promised to drive someone.

Hopefully the fog has cleared by then.