Check list made.

Ready to go.

Turning back as things left behind were remembered.

Turning back again.

Once more we turn back for the last time (we hope).

Laughing, because this is what memories are made of.

Still, it was a good weekend and friends make it all worthwhile!

But nonessentials like the grapes and olives and candles

will definitely be Not forgotten next time.



Cats are more intelligent than most people think.

They are very affectionate

and with love and care

are very loyal animals.

I say this as I start counting

waiting for my cat to decide,

inside or out?

He knows when I hit 5

I make his decision for him.


What’s to see?
Blurry outlines or far away skies.

Can we live without sight?


But do we want to live without seeing?

Sometimes there are things we would rather not see

so not having your glasses

can be a good excuse.