Argument Time

How can I help someone

when they refuse to be accountable

for all the troubles they cause?

Swearing only makes things worse.

Yet yelling makes the tears flow

and bad feeling come out.

Can the argument have been avoided?


But right now, frustration

has let all these emotions loose.

Patience and tolerance

can only take you so far.

Pain as we know it

Unexpected things happen.

Bumps, bruises or cuts.

Deliberate causes are ignored.

Why should you

have to explain

your emotional intelligence

to anyone else.

It is not

that they would understand

the reason you cry all day long

after spilling the cat food on the floor.

Relationship Goals

When he snores

And you find it cute.

When you pluck out

The moustache hairs because he will kiss you more.

When he leaves you alone

So you can finally have some quiet time away from the kids.

When he wants to play with you

But you tell him to play with himself

And he does.

When you are in the mood

And he is too

And you laugh together

Because you know he loves you.