Thick headed

We don’t want to have to keep paying

for the crimes our ancestors did!

Then how long are you going to make the victims pay?

Life begins in the womb!

So are you going to take care of the child once it is born?

Those who are poor should just work harder!

The poor work twice as hard

to even get one slice of the bread you enjoy everyday.

Our kids should not be forced

to take vaccines because they cause Autism?

Did not your parents/grandparents survive until now

because of the advances in medical technology?

Besides, they have Autism. Is that a bad thing?

Only our God is the true God and no other religion should be worshiped!

Belief is individual and you cannot make someone believe what you believe.

Love is only between a man and a woman!

All else is a crime against nature!

So science taught you that we all have more than two chromosomes.

What are all the other ones for then?

Besides does that mean you can not love your son or daughter

if they are the opposite sex from you?

Liberal minded folk are evil and are trying to control the world with conspiracy theories!

Hand on forehead.

Case in point, my friends, case in point.

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