A thought experiment

A family with allergies.

A caterer sent to feed them.

The allergen that would kill them

is mislabeled by the parents

as not threatening to them.

So fed to them it is.

All because of one mistake.

So the grandmother must take care of them

until they recover or die.

They did not listen to her advice.

Then neighbours stop by

and also see the devastation caused

and the family offers up sandwiches left by the caterer.

What if that caterer was a disease

and the family people who disliked injections.

Once the neighbours were involved

and they have been made ill too

ask yourself…

Whose to blame for the neighbourhood’s destruction?

The caterer/disease?

The family?

Or fact that they could have prevented all of this

with a simple injection?

Like the advice that the grandmother said would help?

Stubborn people do not always think of others

nor do the others think they have anything to fear.

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