Economic Worth

Understanding between humans

Knowing an objects or services value

allows for exchanges where society may benefit.

Yet exploitation abounds

and people are fooled into thinking

that their contributions are not as valuable.

So then unbalanced situations occur

as one gathers more than they may ever need

and hoard it from all the rest of society.

For those on the bottom

it is hard to get out from underneath

that fat blocking hand of dehumanizing wealth.

Yet, even though

the ones wearing the smirks

know that they can only keep their money

if they continue to use the labour of those beneath them.

There is the conundrum

that all society faces

and it is telling when you must face others

as to why you treat those you do

the way you do.

Poverty is not a sin

but a situation where

those in it work harder than anyone else

just to stay alive.

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