The weirdest dream

It was so vivid.

One where everything was slightly off yet familiar enough to confuse me. The prince slept in the middle of the hall because that was the prime spot. also he was the only one to figure out I was a girl from another world. We kissed and he liked it because it meant we were friends. Babies were made by females linking pinkies with another female. Males produced their offspring the same way. Sex did not make babies it was a measure of how much you liked someone. The prince was a good “friend” of mine and as a joke I twined my pinkie with his during it. Of course he was shocked that was how babies were made in my world. Apparently he was considered gay in this world because he liked girls instead of boys. He also kissed everyone because he was a very friendly guy.

Huge mechanical geese were the airplanes of this world and goose bumping was riding on the goose’ neck. Which I accidentally did and impressed everyone even though they did not believe it. The prince told me later that disbelief meant they believed me and were very envious of my accomplishments.

The mayors Lamborghini had a hidden button which I pressed and was able to take ownership of. So when the mayor came with the police to prove the car was his the button wouldn’t work for him. He got arrested as I made the Lamborghini turn red. I didn’t like the original black with green and yellow highlights. Also when asked by the police to prove it was mine they had me turn it purple with flames running along it. I changed it back to red. It also flew which is how I got out of the restaurant. The prince took me to see people in order to talk to them. The house was unlocked which meant they were not home. We went around the side of the house where the hill slopes away and found their folder on the grass. Two twenties were just showing and the prince took them and replaced them with his own twenties. He then put the ones he took into the house and the people were home.

The strangest bit was the language. In the classroom the teacher was handing back our papers and I got 32% while the boy behind me got 100%. He went to the blackboard at the teachers request to show me how to learn the history exam. The kid wrote “Pinxidkyind” and explained the he remembered Hawthorn which is how (he pointed to the x) he knew Shakespeare was the first one. I had a pad in my hand and was writing too. The teacher looked over and said that was a strange code.

I was writing

“A weird dream




Strange Dre……”

He pointed to the d in the dream and said that was a funny looking man.

That was when I realized they don’t use the alphabet. All the words were gibberish and he thought I was not learning at all. If I made up “words” I would have gotten a higher mark. Very weird.

As I was waking up from this dream I had a feeling I should write it down. This shows just how strange and wonderful my imagination is. Also yes I may be heterosexual but I am an ally to the LGBTQ+. Very weird dream. I’ll write a poem a little later.

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